14-03-2023 Save the Date 26 May 2023 : The future is now! Blockchain, Metaverse, Web3 and Arbitration
20-01-2023 4th International Press Freedom Seminar on Combating SLAPPs against Journalists
19-01-2023 Carl Vander Maelen presents at PTC 2023 conference in Honolulu, Hawaii
29-11-2022 Pieterjan Declerck and Nadia Feci present their research at the European Communication Conference 2022 in Aarhus, Denmark.
09-11-2022 Carl Vander Maelen wins PTC Emerging Scholar Award for PTC ’23 conference in Honolulu
18-10-2022 TPI on age assessment of unaccompanied minors
11-10-2022 Prof. dr. Wannes Vandenbussche on Radio 1 about the decision in the mediatized court case of Bart De Pauw
05-10-2022 Yueming Zhang presents her research at the European China Law Studies Association Annual Conference 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark
30-09-2022 Roundtable on child and youth consumer risks in digital markets
12-09-2022 Online workshop : W3 architecture, blockchain, cryptocurrency and the future of dispute resolution
01-07-2022 The research group Law & Technology welcomes visiting researcher Yohannes Eneyew Ayalew
28-06-2022 Nadia Feci and dr. Valerie Verdoodt present their research on regulating influencers to the World Health Organisation
17-05-2022 Ghent University students advance to final of international moot court in Paris
02-05-2022 Law & Technology team represented at BILETA 2022 in Exeter UK
25-11-2021 Blogpost: Cross-Border Portability of Personal Status: Human Rights to the Rescue?
18-11-2021 Workshop Cyber Security not live but via Microsoft Teams
10-11-2021 Dr. Ingrida Milkaite presents her doctoral research to governmental and academic colleagues