Zhe Chen



Korte Bio

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Zhe Chen is a PhD researcher in the research group Tax Law at Ghent University. She is affiliated with the department of Interdisciplinary Study of Law, Private Law and Business Law.

Zhe is working on the research project ‘Study on the Protection of Taxpayer Rights in an era of Automatic Exchange of Tax Information,’ supported by the scholarship programs of the China Scholarship Council. This project entails 1) the analysis of taxpayer protection system under the exchange of tax-related information 2) a comparative study of taxpayer protection between the EU and China under the automatic exchange of financial information and 3) recommendations for the improvement of taxpayer protection in China.

During her work at Ghent University, Zhe took a short-term research stay in the International Tax Law research team of Heidelberg University (Germany). She holds a Master of Laws Degree in Economic Law at the Southeast University of Political Science and Law (China).