Hot Topic Lecture 'Sharing your research data: good scientific practice, but is it for me?' (15 Dec)

12-11-2014 - Openness about data highlights the need for good data management practices in the research community, and for the development of data infrastructure. Practical opportunities for individual researchers to publish and share their data across a range of disciplines via journals and repositories will be showcased, as well as state-of-the-art developments for data sharing such as repository solutions, persistent identifiers for data collections, data citations and linked publications. Also the ethical and legal aspects of data sharing in research with human participants will be highlighted, with the UK Data Archive having developed extensive expertise in this area.

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Hot topic lectures

WWI Research Now and for the Future

* Hot Topic Lecture 1

WWI, The Great War and Modern Philosophy / Nicolas de Warren

Tue 16 December, 4-6 p.m., grote vergaderzaal, Blandijn (Blandijnberg 2, Gent)

* Hot Topic Lecture 2

Looking at the War: WWI beyond Language / Annette Becker

Wed 17 December, 10-12 p.m., grote vergaderzaal, Blandijn (Blandijnberg 2, Gent)

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