Starting the Master's Dissertation

What do you do before the start of your master's dissertation? 

  • Once your master’s dissertation subject is allocated, send an e-mail asap to your promotor and/or tutor to make a first appointment. Try to schedule the appointment before the summer holidays or before you leave Ghent in case you go home or go abroad for internship or master’s dissertation.
  • Make clear arrangements about the start of your experimental work, data collection, how to find the relevant academic literature, ….. Some research groups organize a specific start moment for students. Also mention, if you know already, in case you need to retake an exam during the second examination session.
  • Do you have a special status and related facilities? Inform your promotor and tutor so that they can take it into account. 
  • Ask your promotor whether you need ethics approval for your research.

Collaboration with a company or a third party

Then a master's dissertation contract is required!

  • Step 1: Complete and sign the master's dissertation contract.

  • Step 2: Mail it to your UGent promotor and ask to sign.

  • Step 3: Forward the signed contract to the company/partner and also ask to sign it.

  • Step 4: Mail the completed and  signed contract  to As such the contract will be signed by the Director of Education FBE. The FSA will return it to you.

  • Step 5: Return this signed example of the contract to your company/partner!