Going on exchange during your studies

Information sessions on internationalisation

Follow these steps chronologically and your international mobility is only a footstep away:

  • The virtual information session is here! Watch all videos carefully. After that, you can attend the Q&A sessions in the week of 6 December. 
  • The IRO will organize online Q&A sessions, to answer all questions you may have after watching the videos. These Q&A's are not obligatory. Please make sure to book the correct session. 
    • 6 December, 10 am-11.30 am (Dutch): register
    • 6 December, 1 pm-2.30 pm (Dutch): register
    • 7 December, 10 am-11.30 am (Dutch): register
    • 7 December, 1 pm-2.30 pm (Dutch): register
    • 7 December, 3 pm-4.30 pm (English): register
    • 7 December, 6 pm-7 pm (Kortrijk, Dutch): register
    • 8 December, 10 am-11.30 am (Dutch): register
  • The IRO will organize online practical infosessions about submitting your file in Oasis, together with the study and Learning Track Counsellors. These sessions are mandatory. Please make sure to book the correct session.
    • 13 December, 10 am-11.00 am (Engineering & Engineering: Architecture, Dutch)
    • 13 December, 1 pm-2 pm (Engineering Technology Schoonmeersen, Dutch)
    • 14 December, 10 am-11.00 am (Engineering & Engineering: Architecture, Dutch)
    • 14 December, 1 pm-2 pm (Engineering & Engineering: Architecture, English)
    • 14 December, 6 pm-7 pm (Engineering Technology Kortrijk, Dutch)
    • 16 December, 3 pm-4 pm (Engineering & Engineering: Architecture, Dutch)
  • Registration for these sessions is mandatory and can be done here


    First read the "roadmaps  for UGent students" very carefully. These plans contains useful links for the preparation of your mobility, info about the funding possibilities, etc. Below you will find extra conditions for an exchange at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture [FEA].

    General information about the procedure for outgoing FEA students


    WHO can go study abroad at FEA ?

    Students registered as a degree student at UGent during the academic year of mobility. Specifically for FEA, this also depends on the chosen education programme.


    WHEN can you go study abroad at FEA ?

    The coordinator of an exchange agreement is the first point of contact for students for whom the exchange is intended. Each of these students can apply to study abroad within the framework of this agreement. The exchange can only take place during the Master’s programme (exceptions see below), and this for a period of one semester up to one year. Consult the conditions and coordinators per education programme.

    The coordinator ranks the applicants; in order to do so not only the examination results are taken into account, but also other criteria such as independence, motivation, etc. A priori no minimal study performance is set as a condition. But training programme can define specific conditions/modalities regarding obtained grades.

    The coordinator proposes a study programme abroad to the Curriculum Committee, after the advice of the concerned study programme committee, at the latest on 31 October for a study programme in the first semester and at the latest on 15 March for a study programme in the second semester. The Curriculum Committee decides on the study programme abroad.


    WHERE can you go study abroad at FEA ?

    * Erasmus+ (destinations in the EU & Norway)

    * Erasmus Belgica (French-speaking part of Belgium)

    * Switzerland

    * Non-European destinations

    All education programmes select partner institutions based on the academic programme. Students can only choose an institution on the list of agreements made up for their education programme. It is not possible to choose a destination which is not intended for your study programme.


    HOW can we go study abroad at FEA ?

    * In Europe: Erasmus+, Erasmus Belgica

    * Outside of Europe: through bilateral agreements (SEA)

    * Master programmes with an embedded international mobility: Erasmus Mundus, international master programmes (see course catalogue)

    * International internship in master programme

    * Traineeships/ workshops in and outside of Europe: IAESTE, BEST, HUMASOL

    * Fieldwork for master thesis in Global South: VLIR-UOS

    For those students not opting for a study abroad, some educational programmes and the Faculty organize Internationalisation@Home activities: foreign guest speakers, English tracks/courses in the education programme, seminars with foreign students, video conference with foreign partners, summer schools, IAESTE talks, …


    What are the FUNDING possibilities ?

    You will only pay fee at Ghent University, not at the host institution. You can receive a financial support depending on the exchange destination.:

    * Erasmus Belgica

    * Erasmus+

    * Switzerland and the UK

    * Non-European destinations: grants are managed by the central administration and distributed on socio-economic basis. More information on how to apply for these scholarships.

    All questions about payments of scholarships: international@ugent.be



    Apply via OASIS with an extra condition for the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture: the upload of a signed curriculum form when applying.

    The faculty deadline for online applications outside of Europe is 14 January 2022 at 5 pm.
    The faculty deadline for online applications in Europe is 4 February 2022 at 5 pm.

    Late applications will not be accepted!