Soete Laboratory

4 point bending fatigue test rig (CTICER-3437)

The load frame allows to test beams and girders (typical example: welded rails for railways) up to a width of 150 mm. The outer supports can be positioned at distances between 1000 and 1500 mm, while the inner supports are at a fixed distance of 200 mm. On the middle supports a varying load up to 300 kN per support (600 kN total) can be applied with a hydraulic cylinder.

8000 kN tensile test rig (CTICER-3484)

This test rig is mainly used for the large-scale testing of circumferential welds in pipelines. A welded section from a pipeline is extracted and, after welding end blocks to this section, mounted in the tensile test rig. By deliberately notching these so-called Curved Wide Plate (CWP) specimens in or near the circumferential pipeline weld, information can be obtained about the weld integrity in the presence of defects.

Universal testing machines (CTICER-3489)

These test machines are used to perform tensile test, bending tests and fatigue tests on specimens component and structures up to 2500 kN.