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Sport Science Laboratory - Jacques Rogge


Our complementary research infrastructure is embedded in a 260m² (4.5m high) laboratory hall allowing to study three dimensional kinematics and kinetics of gross motor skills without any encumbrance. The specialist measurement systems possess high spatial and temporal resolutions: marker-based motion capture systems (Qualisys Oqus and ProReflex),  markerless motion capture with automated visual analysis, high speed video cameras, ground reaction force registration with multiple force plates  (Kistler, AMTI), high speed plantar pressure plates (RSscan), force-instrumented and inclinable split belt treadmill (Bertec), wireless electromyography (16 channel Noraxon), and various force, acceleration and inertial sensors. Specialist software is used for modeling and inverse dynamics (Visual 3D). For research on issues such as anticipation and decision-making we have a life-size video screen, head-mounted and head-free eye tracking systems (SMI RED, SMI HED).


biomechanica 1       biomechanica 3

(foto 1 & 2: Cedric Verhelst, 3: Pieter Fiers)


Specific applications

  • Treadmill with adjustable speed.
  • Treadmill-on-demand (subject selected speed) is in preparation.
  • Self paced treadmill is implemented.
  • Active ankle-orthosis driven by pneumatic muscles