BOOK LAUNCH – 'Slagen met dyscalculie in het hoger onderwijs' – by Bas Baccarne & Ben Robaeyst

Researchers dr. Ben Robaeyst and Ben Robaeyst contributed in writing the booklet " Slagen met dyscalculie in het hoger onderwijs"

slagen met met dyscalculie in het hoger onderwijs

About 3% to 10% of the Dutch-speaking population suffers from dyscalculia. Someone with dyscalculia often has difficulties with  automating arithmetic and mathematics. Although students with dyscalculia have an equal chance of success as other students within the current educational context, this disorder hinders the student in his/her study track. Also during job applications persons with dyscalculia may experience problems.

In addition to general information and interesting testimonials, this book also contains practical tips to tackle higher studies properly and go through the application process smoothly. Also for parents, teachers and counselors, this book can be very helpful. Plus, it can be an eye opener for employers: people with dyscalculia are often hidden potentials.


Annemie Desoete (UGent en Arteveldehogeschool), Bas Baccarne, Ben Robaeyst, Wout Duthoo (imec), Adelbrecht Haenebalcke (Stad Gent), Femke Lissens (UGent), Masarrat Al Asmar (HOGENT), Danielle Willems (HOGENT) en Marc Brysbaert (UGent) worked together on the project 'City of people: inclusion in 4D', financed by Stad Gent. The book came about with one common goal: to inform the public about the barriers that persons with dyscalculia have to overcome and the diversity value they offer.

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If you want to know how it is to experience a learning disorder you can use “dyslexify”, a learning disorder simulation tool which was also developed during the Inclusion in 4D project
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