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Third party involved? Master's dissertation agreement

For master thesis projects in collaboration with third parties (companies, not-for-profit organisations, …), a signed agreement is recommended.

If a third party is involved in a master’s dissertation (e.g. a company, external organisation) it is desirable that all parties sign a master’s dissertation agreement. This agreement governs the liability (confidentiality and property rights). This master’s dissertation agreement is signed in three copies, first by the supervisor and afterwards by the student. Students then submit the master’s dissertation for signature to the external party. Lastly, the Faculty Director of Studies signs the document on behalf of UGent.

The Faculty Education Services (called the FSA at our faculty) scans the signed agreement and attaches it as document type in OASIS to the course 'master’s dissertation' of the student. The signed copy of the master’s dissertation agreement is kept at the Faculty Education services. The other two copies are for the student and the third party. 

Important data/deadlines

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Master's dissertations should normally meet the ethical standards set by UGent. UGent assumes that the supervisor, in consultation, does what is necessary (informed consents, secure data storage, anonymity,…) to ensure that everything is in order. There is no need to make an application. The supervisor acts as an 'ethical advisor'.

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'Marthe Versichelen' price

Every year, the Marthe Versichelenfonds awards the best Master's dissertations in the five Master's programmes of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences.
This award is accompanied by a cash prize of € 500 per master's programme.

The laureates are honored on the solemn proclamation

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