Migration Law Research Group

Groepsfoto MigratierechtThe Migration Law Research Group (MigrLaw) studies migration law from an integrated and critical approach, with a specific interest in human rights and users’ perspectives.

We aim to gain insight in and critically reflect upon how migration law functions in society. To that end, we conduct both fundamental and policy/practice-oriented research. We combine the doctrinal study of migration law with theoretical and methodological frameworks from other disciplines, including anthropology, sociology, political sciences, criminology as well as gender, queer, childhood and postcolonial studies.

We engage with the various actors in the field of migration, with particular attention for migrants considered to be in a vulnerable situation and their agency. We are committed to sharing our research findings with a broader audience in diverse and imaginative ways.

MigrLaw hosts courses on migration law and ‘law and society’. We invest in practice-oriented education, with the migration branch of the Human Rights and Migration Law Clinic and street law. In 2022, we hosted the International Migration and Refugee Moot Court Competition.

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