About us

Logo procesrechtThe Institute for Procedural Law was established in 1996 to underline the own identity of procedural law and to serve as main point of contact for all questions relating to this area of the law, which is of great importance for both legal science and legal practice.

The Institute consists of 4 faculty members and various PhD candidates and research affiliates. Its members are conducting fundamental research on all matters concerning both public and private procedural law that take place in a national or European context. Over the years, the Institute for Procedural Law has built a solid national and international reputation, including through the organization of (inter)national (both private and open) colloquia and an active presence in various research networks.

Professorial staff

Visiting professor

Academic consultant

  • Beatrijs Deconinck

PhD researchers

Scientific staff

Teaching assistants

Administrative staff

  • Anja Demeulenaere 
  • Conny Loyson

Contact via procedure@ugent.be