Faculty and institutional ombuds offices

In case of a dispute with a teacher, you can take up most problems and complaints with the ombuds offices of your faculty. If this is not possible, you can call on the institutional ombudsperson for further mediation. In addition, the Institutional Appeals Committee is a third important actor in handling complaints.

Faculty ombuds offices

Institutional ombudsperson

The institutional ombudsperson deals with general complaints for matters concerning education.

Nathalie Depoorter is the institutional ombudsperson. She is assisted by Steven Bosmans, staff member of the ombuds office and internal appeals.

Contact the institutional ombudsperson by e-mail ombuds@ugent.be if you immediately wish to receive a receipt, or by phone.

Anonymous complaints will not be accepted but complaints are handled confidentially.

Relevant information in the education and examination code

These provisions are in accordance with the Decree concerning the legal status of the student (information in Dutch)