Faculty and institutional ombuds offices

If you are a (PhD-)student and you have a dispute with a lecturer, a question, a report or a complaint about the teaching and examination process and you cannot turn to the lecturer-in-charge or student representative for help? Contact the faculty or institutional ombudsperson. As a student, you choose who you contact: the faculty ombudspersons are usually closer to the programme/faculty and can therefore often answer your question in a more focused way, while the institutional ombudsperson has an overview of the entire institution. Anonymous complaints will not be accepted but complaints are handled confidentially.

Faculty ombuds offices

Institutional ombudsperson

The institutional ombudsperson deals with general complaints for matters concerning education and examination. Nathalie Depoorter is the institutional ombudperson. She is assisted by Steven Bosmans, policy advisor ombuds and internal appeals. 

Contact the institutional ombudsperson by e-mail ombuds@ugent.be , by phone: +32 9 331 00 63 or Teams.

Education and Examination Code

See Education and Examination Code articles 79, 80 and 81.

These provisions are in accordance with the Decree concerning the legal status of the student (information in Dutch)