Study support

To stimulate students to take responsibility for their study progress, in Flanders a system of learning account has been established. This may affect all students.

Making choices

You can only make an informed decision if you have an accurate idea of the options open to you. Anyone interested in studying at Ghent University can turn to the Student Councelling Office for information, advice and guidance.

An information desk, information brochures about all study programmes, an information library and a team of student advisors are available for all (prospective) students.

International Relations Office Student Support

The IRO Student Support assists international students in finding their way at Ghent University before and upon arrival. The IRO Student Advisers provide information and meet the specific needs of international students.

Feeling good at Ghent University

Life as a student is exciting and challenging. But it's not all sunshine and roses. You may have a lot on your mind from time to time. It's important to know that you can find support for any issue – no matter how small or harmless it might seem. You don’t have to go at it alone – get help!

Financial support during corona pandemic

If you have financial problems because of the corona measures, you can contact the Ghent University Social Service.

Medical service

It is your responsibility to inform your faculty when you're absent due to illness for a longer period or when you are missing obligated study activities. Request a letter from a doctor and hand it in at your Faculty Student Administration (Dutch).

A specific medical service for students is available, run by general practitioners well-acquainted with the medical needs of students.

Looking for Postgraduate or PhD

After graduation most students find their way to the labour market. Others prefer to continue their studies in Belgium or choose for research within the framework of a PhD.

Career guidance

If you are a final-year or graduated student, in transition from study to work, you are offered a helping hand with professional advice in finding your way on the labour market in Belgium as well as in other European member states.