For Exchange Student at the Faculty of Sciences

Exchange students are students that receive their diploma at their home university and only stay at UGent for a limited time as part of an exchange programme, for example Erasmus.

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Application for exchange students

Faculty deadlines

  • 15th May for students coming the 1st semester or the entire academic year
  • 15th November for students coming the 2nd semester
  • No deadlines for research only, but keep in mind that finding a UGent promoter for your research project can take some time. Also, the research places are on a first come first served basis.

Documents required during application procedure

  • Transcript of Records (in English)
  • Language certificate (level B2 English)
  • Learning agreement:
    • Coming to our faculty for Courses and/or Internship and/or Master dissertation: Learning agreement for STUDIES

      your institution has an agreement with our faculty - discipline -> ECTS credits can be awarded

    • Coming to our faculty for Internship/research stay: Learning agreement for TRAINEESHIP

      your institution has an agreement with our faculty - discipline -> ECTS credits can be awarded

      your institution has NO agreement with our faculty - discipline -> no ECTS credits can be awarded

Application procedure

You need to complete the necessary online administration before you can be accepted at our faculty of Sciences.

How to apply as an exchange student?

The Exchange Students Adviser at the Central International Relations Office ( will answer all your questions related to these aspects of the preparation of your stay in Ghent.

For information about the academic part of studying at the Faculty of Sciences, contact Regine Coolen (

Tips for the Learning Agreement - Courses


Check the Exchange Programmes: click on the specific courses to see the Course Specifications (content, initial competences, evaluation), make sure that you choose courses that are taught in the concerned 1st or 2nd semester. Pay attention that in the course specification next to teaching language or language of instruction [English or EN] is mentioned

All programmes of the faculty of Sciences

Check also the lecture schedules (in Dutch and English), click further to 'programme type' and 'programme'. You can find the course schedules for the 1st and the 2nd semester in the right corner on top.

University Language Centre (UCT): Possibility to add a UCT language course Dutch or English. All schedules courses can be followed by exchange students, registration through the UCT website.

    Upon arrival

    • Welcome days: during the welcome days you will get the opportunity to meet other students and get acquainted with Ghent University and the City of Ghent so to ensure you will have access to all the information you need to start your study and life in Ghent. The Welcome Days are organized in the week before the start of the semester.
    • The moment you make your registration as an exchange student, you also receive your UGent student card and UGent account with login and password. This gives you access to e-mail, Oasis, UFORA, computers, restaurants, sport and library facilities at the university.
    • Start of the semester = start of the lessons!  See 'Academic calendar'

    For most courses strict attendance is required from the start.

    • Course registration: the first 2 weeks of the semester you have time to make changes in your course selection and to register your final curriculum.


    If you want to prolong your stay at Ghent University as an exchange student you will need to send us the necessary documents. We will than provide you with the letter of prolongation.


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