Master's dissertation evaluation

Your Master's dissertation is evaluated 

  • on the basis of
    • the process (30 %) : scientific approach, technical elaboration, commitment, problem approach, adjustment of the research process (promotor)
    • your master's dissertation report (40 %) : scientific quality, technical quality, design, structure, use of language (reading commissioner)
    • the oral defence (30%): presentation (content, structure and design) (10 %) and the answers to the questions (20 %) (entire jury)
  • by a jury consisting of 2 commissioners and maximum 2 promotors
  • for some international consortium programmes, one external jury member should always be part of the Dissertation Examination Committee (see master’s dissertation guidelines of your programme).

The corresponding evaluation forms can be found via the following links:

In these forms, you can find the criteria on which you will be evaluated.

The evaluation forms for the interuniversity or international consortium programmes can be different. Check with your programme coordinator for the exact evaluation criteria.