Student rights and obligations

The assignment of a subject implies a mutual commitment: on the one hand, you as a student commit to taking up the chosen subject and, on the other hand, the promotor commits to you that you will be able to carry out this subject..

As a student, you are always responsible for the content of your master's dissertation. Your tutor supports you throughout the master's dissertation process, but is not responsible for the final outcome.

Student rights

Student obligations

  • Read carefully and follow up the information and communication about the master's dissertation which you can find on the FBE website and Ufora info sites
  • Consult your promotor/ tutor as agreed
  • Respect the agreements made in the lab/company
  • Follow up the feedback you get from your promotor and tutor
  • Respect the agreed deadlines
  • Act according to the conventions of scientific integrity
  • Do not forget to ask for help when needed

Problems with your guidance? Questions about your rights and obligations?

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