Aquaculture- going abroad

Information about going abroad for students in the Master of Science in Aquaculture.

Information sessions

  • An information session for your study program about an internship and your master dissertation topic will be organized at the beginning of the academic year
  • More information about going abroad and funding options can be found in the slides and recordings on this site

Internship abroad

  • Internship is an elective course in the study program, you can choose to conduct it in Belgium or abroad
  • It is the most recommended way to acquire an experience abroad in your program
  • The best period to conduct your internship is during the summer holidays (July-September) between your 1st and 2nd year of study
  • You should take the initiative to look for a suitable internship host and topic
  • When do submit your final proposal?
    • After consultation with your internship coordinator, your promotor and the host
    • If you want a mobility grant, the deadline to make an exchange application is 31 January 
      • Your final proposal has to be submitted before the deadline of 31 January
    • If you don't want a mobility grant, the deadline to make an exchange application is minimum 6 weeks before departure
      • The deadline to submit your final proposal is 1 May
  • Your proposal requires approval by the Education Committee
  • More information on the registration procedure and funding options for an internship abroad

Master's dissertation abroad

Courses abroad

  • Currently it is impossible to go on exchange for courses.

Why do I need to register my mobility?

  • For insurance
  • For safety reasons
  • For your diploma supplement
  • For mobility grant request (if applicable)

Can I apply for a mobility grant?

Possible combinations of scholarship and mobility grant:

Mobility grants