Exchange Internship

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waarschuwingThis website is meant for students who are currently enrolled in an English Master's programme at the faculty of Bioscience Engineering at Ghent University. If you are studying at another university and are interested to come to our faculty for an exchange programme, click here.


A short roadmap is displayed in the figure. Underneath you can find more detailed information on every step. Download the timeline.

Timeline exchange internship

1. Information session

  • Find the slides and recording of the information session on this site.

2. Mobility Grants

Depending on your situation, there are different possibilities for mobility grants

  • Erasmus+ traineeship: inside Europe, min. duration 2 months
  • Bilateral agreements: outside of Europe, min. duration 1 month (for internship, there is no need for an agreement with the institution)
  • VLIR-UOS: only for EU citizens, min. duration 1 month

Combination of scholarships and mobility grants

Mobility grants


3. Internship Proposal & Internship Contract (FSA)

Follow the instructions on the webpage for internship to establish your internship proposal and contract.

4. Exchange Application


  • Go to
  • In the menu on the left, go to the academic year of your exchange:
    • Curriculum
    • Exchange
    • New application

Some important guidelines for your application:

  • Mobility type: select 'Traineeship'
  • Funding: select the applicable funding for your mobility
    • "grant for outside the Erasmuszone" for a scholarship Ghent University bilateral agreement (this includes VLIR-UOS!)
    • "Erasmus+ traineeship"
    • "Own resources" (if you don't receive any mobility grant)


Exchange deadlines for internship


After your registration in Oasis, send an e-mail with the approval of the internship coordinator to to get selected for approval in Oasis.

All Ghent University students who spend part of their study programme abroad must register as exchange student in Oasis at least 6 weeks before departure. (Education and Examination code, article 46 §4)

5. Exchange Curriculum

Fill in a new exchange course 'Practical training in the framework of the internship'. Some important guidelines:

  • Number of ECTS credits of the exchange course = number of credits of your UGent Internship course - 2
  • Indicate that the internship course from your master programme in Ghent is realised partly abroad.

6. Learning Agreement

  1. Download the template for Learning Agreemen for Traineeship.
  2. Fill in all the required fields and sign the document.
  • Contact person sending institution: academic promoter.

7. Application mobility grant (destinations outside Europe, including VLIR-UOS)

Students who go on an exchange within Europe and receive funding through Eraasmus+ or SEMP do not need to submit a seperate application to receive a grant. 

For students going on exchange outside Europe: follow the guidelines listed on the webpage of the internationalisation department. More about UGent scholarships for outside the Erasmus+ zone can be found here.

You apply for a scholarship for outside the Erasmus zone as soon as you submit an exchange application on Oasis with 'scholarship for outside the Erasmus zone' as funding channel. For the selection, we first look at the academic motivation you should have written in Oasis with your exchange application. So this is not a motivation for your scholarship, but rather why that destination is of academic value to you. In addition, some plus and minus points are also taken into account in the selection of scholarships, what these plus and minus points are can be read in the document 'Guidelines for students for scholarships outside the Erasmus area'.

Deadline for exchange application in Oasis (with academic motivation) = 31 January 2024
Deadline for secondary issues related to scholarship selection = See document 'Guidelines for students for scholarships outside the Erasmus area'

8. Confirmation of Stay

  1. Download this document in Oasis.
  2. Let the part arrival sign as soon as possible after your arrival. Upload in Oasis in your exchange application as a type 'Verblijfsperiode-aankomst'.
  3. Let the part departure sign at the end of your internship. Upload in Oasis in your exchange application as a type 'Verblijfsperiode-aankomst'.

9. Evaluation

Follow the guidelines on the webpage for Internship for your evaluation at Ghent University.


Am I insured during my stay abroad?

  • For your health insurance, you should contact your own health insurance fund.
  • Through your enrolment as a student at Ghent University, you are insured as regards your physical accidents during university activities.
  • Through your enrolment as a student at Ghent University, you are insured as regards your civil liability during university activities (does not include journey to and from university activities)


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