Graduation ceremony 2019-2020

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After years of hard work, you have now earned your well-deserved diploma. And we won’t allow that to go unnoticed, because we are proud to be able to call you a Ghent University alumnus.

Even in times of Covid-19, we plan to organise a befitting send-off. Because of these exceptional circumstances, we will actually have 2 graduation ceremonies: a digital one and also a real-life faculty meeting!

Digital celebration

On Friday 9 October 2020 at 20:30, Ghent University will organise a digital event for all newly graduated alumni. Let’s celebrate together with friends and family, each from the safety of our own homes and ‘bubbles’. We promise we will make this a night to remember.

Live stream

Physical graduation ceremony

Putting on your gown and cap is a unique milestone in your life. Because we would love to see you again, the faculty will organise a real-life, face-to-face gathering. The official faculty graduation ceremony will take place during the weekend of 17-18 October 2020 in the Ufo (Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 33, 9000 Gent). You can find all the scheduled sessions below.


Please register here for the official faculty graduation ceremony. (Deadline: 11 October!)

Live stream

Unfortunately we can only allow the graduates to attend the ceremony in person. Everyone who wants to watch the graduation ceremony can do so by tuning into the live stream: 


Saturday 17 October 2020 10:00

Master of Science in de industriële wetenschappen – Kortrijk

Postgraduaat Innoverend Ondernemen voor Ingenieurs


Master of Science in de industriële wetenschappen – Gent

  • Bouwkunde - Landmeten - Informatica

Master of Science in de industriële wetenschappen – Gent

  • Chemie - Elektromechanica - Elektrotechniek - Elektronica-ICT


Sunday 18 October 2020 10:00

Master of Science in de ingenieurswetenschappen: Architectuur

Master of Science in de stedenbouw en de ruimtelijke planning

Master of Science in Engineering:

  • Civil Engineering - Fire Safety Engineering

International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering

Postgraduate Studies in Fire Safety Engineering


Master of Science in Engineering:

  • Bio-informatics Engineering - Biomedical Engineering - Chemical Engineering - Computer Science Engineering - Electrical Engineering - Sustainable Materials Engineering - Textile Engineering

International Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering


Master of Science in Engineering:

  • Electromechanical Engineering - Engineering Physics - Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

European Master of Science in Nuclear Fusion and Engineering Physics

European Master of Science in Photonics

Postgraduaat in de bedrijfskundige ingenieurstechnieken


Safety measures

It goes without saying that this festive occasion must proceed with the highest regard for health and safety. For that reason, we have to observe the national safety measures and recommendations. We ask all who wish to attend the graduation ceremony to respect the following measures:

  • Come alone and register in advance using the link on the invitation. We can only admit people who are registered.
  • Please strictly respect the timing.
  • Bring your facemask; wearing a mask is mandatory.
  • When entering the building you will be asked to disinfect your hands. We provide disinfectant hand gel.
  • Respect the physical distancing (1.5 meters apart).
  • Stay at home if you feel ill or show symptoms of illness or if someone you recently have had contact with is infected with the coronavirus.




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