iLab.t technical testing offers access to the hardware, measurement equipment, user-friendly software tools and professional technical expertise needed to efficiently prototype, develop, and test ICT innovations. The iLab.t datacenter hosts over 3000 cores that are used exclusively for R&D&I purposes. The iLab.t tools allow for server capacity to be requested at the push of a button, and as such allow optimal sharing capacity between hundreds of users.

iLab.t’s Virtual Wall is the primary test environment for all testing and experimentation activities related to wired networks and solutions (e.g. distributed software and service evaluation, scalability evaluation, validation of protocols, stress testing, ...). The Virtual Wall testbed contains 300 physical servers which are fully configurable both in terms of their software installation  (e.g. choice of operating systems, drivers, applications, etc.) as well as how their Ethernet network interfaces are physically interconnected. The Virtual Wall has no "default behavior", but can -within minutes- be set up as a reliable and repeatable platform to meet a wide variety of testing and experimentation demands.