The primary test environment for all testing and experimentation activities in the field of wireless networks and solutions (e.g. validation of networking protocols, scalability testing, testing under different interference conditions, spectral monitoring,...) is located on top of an unmanned utility room in Zwijnaarde, on campus Ardoyen. The w-iLab.t generic wireless testbeds consist out of embedded PCs that are equipped with multiple wireless interfaces, including Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, sensor nodes with 802.15.4 interfaces and Bluetooth. It is up to the experimenters to determine which interfaces will be used, and what software/firmware is installed on the embedded PCs and/or sensor nodes.

Remotely programmable robots inside the w-iLab.t testbed make it possible to introduce repeatable mobility in wireless experiments and tests. The robots can be remotely controlled through a point and click interface, and dock for recharging after completing their paths.