Short Sessions on Hot Topics (SSHT)


SSHT Breakfast Meeting

The SSHT Breakfast meeting is a brainstorm session where young/new researchers can determine together for which techniques/software they want practical sessions organized by the library.  This is organized at the beginning of the academic year.


According to the results of the breakfast meeting the library will organize a number of practical sessions suggested by the researchers during the second half of the academic year for all researchers of the faculty.

Program 2021


Monday 09/11/2020

Datastorage@UGent Theory

by Ewald Pauwels (DICT)

Datastorage@UGent Theory (ppt)

No recording

Tuesday 08/12/2020

Datastorage@UGent Applied

by Ewald Pauwels (DICT)

Datastorage@UGent Applied (ppt)


Tuesday 26/01/2021

Python for Dummies

by Frederik Gailly (FEB)

Python (ppt)


Thursday 11/02/2021

Graphic Design 

by Dries Benoit (FEB)

Data Visualization (ppt)


Thursday 25/02/2021

GitHub for Dummies

by Frederik Gailly (FEB)

GitHub Cheat Sheet (pdf)

Recording GitHub

Friday 30/04/2021

Critical Thinking (Reviewing)

by Gert Peersman (FEB)

Preparing a referee report (ppt):

the basics of reviewing, how to start a review, tips & tricks, do's & don'ts 

Thursday 25/03/2021

How to pitch your Research 

by Edward De Vooght + Dietmar Hertsen (De Redenaar)

What to expect:

  • a concise theoretical introduction to 'pitching'
  • get to work, pitch your own research and get feedback