Workshop 'Structural equation modeling with lavaan'

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Alumni , Business , Press , Employees , Private individuals , Students
20-05-2024 09:00 to 21-05-2024 17:00
Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Henri Dunantlaan 2, Ghent, Auditorium 3, Henri Dunantlaan 2, 9000 Gent
Academie Levenslang Leren - Faculteit Wetenschappen

The first day of the course provides an introduction to the theory and application of structural equation modeling, and illustrates how to use the open-source R package `lavaan’ (see to conduct an SEM analysis. On the second day, we discuss several special topics that are often needed by applied users (handling missing data, nonnormal data, categorical data, longitudinal data, multilevel data, etc.).

With the exception of a short practical session at the end of the first day, the two days are mostly lectures, to maximize the amount of information that we can teach. However, do-it-yourself practicals (with written feedback and solutions) will be made available and illustrate all the topics that are covered in this course.