Symposium 'Neuroscience and music therapy'

For whom
Employees , Private individuals , Students
11-04-2024 from 00:00 to 04:00
Institute for Psychoacoustic and Electronic Music (IPEM) - Department of Arts and Philosophy - Faculty of Arts and Philosophy

A symposium for learning more about music and neuroscience. Two lectures and a panel discussion will be open to the public.

The neuroscience in music therapy symposium is an event aimed towards fostering a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms of action in music therapy. The event brings together the clinical and theoretical sides of music therapy to provide an in-depth active discussion.

In order to increase the reach of the event, it is planned to be in hybrid mode. The event will consist of two keynote presentations by the two external jury members (Prof Eckart Altenmüller and Dr. Artur Jaschke), as well as two smaller talks by the supervisors (Prof Marc Leman and Prof Thomas Hans Fritz).

An additional panel discussion chaired by Prof Marc Leman will be held on the topic of integrating neuroscience and music therapy.

The panel discussion will start as a discussion between panel members, before being opened to the public through a hybrid mode Q and A where the audience can ask questions.