Past PhD defenses

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22-02-2018 17:00 Ecological impact assessment of land use on river systems Damanik Ambarita, Minar Naomi LA
21-02-2018 17:30 House dust mite allergic rhinitis: a novel take on diagnosis and treatment Berings, Margot GE
21-02-2018 17:00 Design of High-Speed Equalizing Drivers for Long-Wavelength Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers Soenen, Wouter TW
21-02-2018 10:00 Consumer attitude and behavior towards food with quality labels in urban Vietnam. Nguyen Hoang Diem, My LA
20-02-2018 18:30 Thermoplastic polyurethanes for the manufacturing of high drug loaded sustained release matrices Verstraete, Glenn FW
20-02-2018 18:00 Axial spondyloarthritis New insights in diagnosis and patient stratification Varkas, Gaëlle GE
20-02-2018 17:00 The effect of urbanization on house sparrows (passer domesticus) and their enteropathogens Rouffaer, Lieze Oscar DI
20-02-2018 16:30 Valorisatie van berenvlees en analytische benaderingen voor de snelle detectie van berengeur aan de slachtlijn Verplanken, Kaat DI
20-02-2018 16:00 How Arabidopsis thaliana dehydroascorbate reductase 2 and mitogen activated kinase 4 cope with cysteine sulfur oxidation. Bodra, Nandita WE
20-02-2018 15:00 Effect of Secondary Copper Slag as Supplementary Cementitious Material and Aggregate Replacement on Strength, Hydration, Microstructure and Durability of Ultra-High Performance Concrete Edwin, Romy Suryaningrat TW
20-02-2018 11:30 Free-Boundary Extension of the SIESTA Code and its Application to the Wendelstein 7-X Stellarator Peraza Rodriguez, Hugo TW
19-02-2018 17:00 Metadata and Control Features for Low-Cost Linked Data Publishing Infrastructures Vander Sande, Miel TW
19-02-2018 17:00 CARRY-OVER OF TETRACYCLINES AND SULPHONAMIDES-TRIMETHOPRIM IN PIG FEED Resistance selection in the pig microbiota caused by doxycycline Peeters, Laura DI
19-02-2018 09:30 Chromatin modification complexes link transcript elongation to RNA processing in the regulation of plant growth and development. Le Gall, Sabine WE
15-02-2018 17:00 Activation of the ERK1/2 signalling molecule by the gE glycoprotein of pseudorabies virus Setas Lopes Pontes, Maria DI
14-02-2018 17:30 The Consequences of Food Price Changes: A Macroeconomic Perspective De Winne, Jasmien EB
14-02-2018 17:00 Effects of tree species diversity on early-stage forest dynamics Van de Peer, Thomas LA
13-02-2018 18:00 An electrocardiographic study in the patient eligible for cardiac resynchronization therapy De Pooter, Jan GE
12-02-2018 16:00 Evolution of soil solution chemistry under decreasing atmospheric deposition in Flanders Verstraeten, Arne LA
09-02-2018 17:30 Closure of the epiploic foramen in the horse: an anatomical and clinical study van Bergen, Thomas DI