Past PhD defenses

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16-10-2018 16:30 Early integration of palliative care in oncology Vanbutsele, Gaëlle GE
16-10-2018 16:00 Neogene seals from the northern hemisphere: a multi-parameter paleontological study of the early evolution of phocidae (pinnipedia) Dewaele, Leonard WE
16-10-2018 15:30 Sociale hervormers op zoek naar een moreel reveil. Een sociaal historische en transnationale studie naar de aanwezigheid van Belgen op internationale hervormingscongressen, 1850-1914. D’haeninck, Thomas LW
15-10-2018 17:00 Microbial population and community dynamics in natural and managed freshwater systems: from methodology development to mechanistic insights. Props, Ruben LA
15-10-2018 16:00 Architectural Culture and Building Practice in 19th-Century Belgium: The Case of Louis Roelandt (1786-1864), Architect, Academic, Civil Servant Cierkens, Pieter-Jan TW
15-10-2018 16:00 Mixed emotions: Unravelling the Effects of Positive and Negative Emotions Expressed by Organizations in Crisis on social media Xiao, Yi PS
12-10-2018 18:00 Coping with demographic change: macroeconomic effects and optimal pension reform Devriendt, Willem EB
12-10-2018 16:30 Novel mechanisms controlling STAT3 transcriptional activity Mori, Raffaele GE
12-10-2018 16:15 Reproducing kernels in harmonic and Clifford analysis Wutzig, Michael WE
12-10-2018 16:00 Prevention of Chlamydia psittaci infections in broilers by vaccination and ovotransferrin application. De Boeck, Cindy LA
11-10-2018 17:00 Facility based Maternal Mortality in Mozambique Chavane, Leonardo GE
11-10-2018 16:00 Foraging strategies and ecology of the Titicaca water frog (Telmatobius culeus) Muñoz Saravia, Arturo DI
11-10-2018 16:00 Training-related changes in cognitive abilities and neural plasticity in children with traumatic brain injury Verhelst, Helena PP
10-10-2018 18:00 Process Concept and Materials for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Conversion: Super-Dry Reforming of Methane Buelens, Lukas TW
10-10-2018 18:00 The obese brain: the relationship between motor competence, executive functioning and brain structure in children with obesity Augustijn, Mireille GE
09-10-2018 17:00 Citizens & Sodomites. Perception and Persecution of Sodomy in the Southern Low Countries (1400-1700) Roelens, Jonas LW
09-10-2018 16:00 Rethinking Unification. Unification as an Explanatory Value in Scientific Practice Lefevere, Merel LW
09-10-2018 16:00 The role of anticipation in the temporal dynamics of emotion regulation: A psychophysiological approach Nasso, Selene PP
08-10-2018 17:00 The modern neuroscience approach to chronic spinal pain Malfliet, Anneleen GE
08-10-2018 09:30 Studies and Experimental Activities to Qualify the Behaviour of RF Power Circuits for Negative Ion Sources of Neutral Beam Injectors for ITER and Fusion Experiments Jain, Palak TW