Past PhD defenses

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18-01-2019 16:30 Multimodal Data Fusion for Spatio-Temporal Fire Behavior Analysis Vandecasteele, Florian TW
18-01-2019 16:00 Genetic factors controlling induction of adventitious roots in the Arabidopsis hypocotyl. Trinh, Hoang Khai LA
17-01-2019 16:00 Tissue culture technology for asymmetric protoplast fusion in celery (Apium graveolens) and leek (Allium porrum). Bruznican, Silvia LA
17-01-2019 15:00 Triazolinedione building blocks: their sustainable synthesis and macromolecular implementation Vlaminck, Laetitia WE
16-01-2019 18:00 Our Past Beneath the Waves: The Legal Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage from an International, North Sea and Belgian Perspective. Derudder, Thary RE
16-01-2019 17:00 Soil microbe communities and their interactions with understorey plants in temperate forests. Ma, Shiyu LA
16-01-2019 17:00 Evaluation of kidney injury in canine babesiosis caused by Babesia rossi Defauw, Pieter DI
16-01-2019 16:00 Advances in numerical bifurcation software: MatCont Neirynck, Niels WE
15-01-2019 17:00 De vleesgeworden ziel. Politieke spiritualiteit en moderniteit in het werk van Charles Péguy (1873-1914) Bauwelinck, Egon LW
15-01-2019 16:30 Drivers of nematode community structure and of nematode microbiomes on an estuarine intertidal flat Wu, Xiuqin WE
15-01-2019 16:00 Control of centromeric cohesion during meiosis in arabidopsis. Yuan, Guoliang LA
14-01-2019 17:00 Prime-time Nationalism: The rational and economic underpinnings of the June 30 nationalist hysteria Diab, Osama PS
14-01-2019 17:00 Jurisdiction in International Disputes in Commercial Matters: a Comparison between the Brussels I bis and the Western Balkans. Qerimi, Donikë RE
11-01-2019 17:00 Two-hit prenatal maternal stress: acceleration of adverse pregnancy and offspring outcomes Verstraeten, Barbara GE
11-01-2019 16:00 Regulation of hypocotyl adventitious root formation in tomato and Arabidopsis. Olatunji, Damilola LA
11-01-2019 15:00 The Past, Panegyric, and the Performance of Penmanship: Sultanic Biography and Social Practice in Late Medieval Egypt and Syria Van Den Bossche, Gowaart LW
11-01-2019 15:00 Development of XRF and absorption micro-spectroscopy at DUBBLE Bauters, Stephen WE
10-01-2019 16:00 The synthesis of fluorinated proline analogues Hofman, Gert-Jan WE
09-01-2019 16:00 Phosphorylation-mediated growth regulation in Arabidopsis Nikonorova, Natalia WE
09-01-2019 16:00 Towards improved membrane fouling modelling: from an empirical to a spatially explicit framework. Naessens, Wouter LA