Past PhD defenses

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25-05-2018 10:00 Learning with tablets in secondary education: Initiation, implementation and institutionalisation Montrieux, Hannelore PP
25-05-2018 09:00 Implementation of a X-Mode Multichannel Edge Density Profile Reflectometer for the New ICRH Antenna on ASDEX Upgrade Trindade de Aguiam, Diogo Elói TW
24-05-2018 18:00 Ontology-driven conceptual modeling: model comprehension, ontology selection and method complexity Verdonck, Michaël EB
24-05-2018 17:00 The importance of an active lifestyle: understanding and promoting physical activity and active transport in emerging adults Simons, Dorien GE
24-05-2018 16:00 Collections of Historical Excerpts. Accumulation, Selection, and Transmission of History in Byzantium Manafis, Panagiotis LW
24-05-2018 14:00 Development of laboratory and synchrotron based 2D/3D XRF techniques for multidisciplinary research Laforce, Brecht WE
24-05-2018 10:00 Synthesis of 4-(trifluoromethyl)azetidin-2-one building blocks and their transformation into novel CF3-substituted amines and heterocyclic systems. Dao, Thi Hang LA
23-05-2018 17:30 Pulmonary arterial hypertension in systemic sclerosis Vandecasteele, Els GE
23-05-2018 17:00 Novel insights in commercial in vitro embryo production in cattle Catteuw, Maaike DI
23-05-2018 16:00 RNA interference technology as a potential control method for Spotted Wing Drosophila (Drosophila suzukii) Taning, Nji Tizi Clauvis LA
23-05-2018 16:00 Advanced Molecular Simulations to Study Defects and Nature of Active Sites in Zirconium Based Metal-Organic Frameworks for Catalysis Hajek, Julianna TW
23-05-2018 15:00 De prijs van het publieke debat. Een bedrijfseconomische geschiedenis van de Vlaamse krantenpers, 1830-1980. Van Croonenborch, Jo PS
22-05-2018 17:00 The role of Nanos3 in tumor progression De Keuckelaere, Evi WE
22-05-2018 17:00 From hydraulics to acoustics in drought-induced cavitation in plants De Baerdemaeker, Niels LA
22-05-2018 17:00 Solving the puzzle of inter-embryonic communication in bovine embryo group culture by proteomics Wydooghe, Eline DI
22-05-2018 17:00 Representation Learning for Symbolic Sequences De Boom, Cedric TW
22-05-2018 17:00 The ethnic prejudice of Flemish pupils: Does the school context matter? Vervaet, Roselien PS
22-05-2018 16:00 A Genealogy of Scientific Explanation: The Emergence of the Deductive-Nomological Model at the Intersection of German Historical and Scientific Philosophy Dewulf, Fons LW
22-05-2018 14:00 Design of Novel Polymeric Healing Agents and Cylindrical Capsules for Self-Healing Concrete Pereira Gomes de Araújo, Maria Adelaide TW
18-05-2018 18:00 Complex Tauberian theorems and applications to Beurling generalized primes. Debruyne, Gregory WE