A career beyond academia


For many PhD holders, the non-academic job landscape is largely unknown and therefore underappreciated. Yet, it holds a wealth of
career opportunities in which the same skills and mindset that you use as an academic are key to achieving success.

Considering opportunities on the non-academic labour market does not entail ruling out an academic career.
Looking into what career options are a fit with your talents and ambitions will enable you to make a conscious career choice,
whatever the outcome.    

From PhD to job market

Steps in the career cycle

Explore yourself

The first part is devoted to exploring your own strengths, motivations
and values.

Explore what's out there

The second step is to discover career options in academia and beyond that fit your professional self-understanding.


Step four deals with applying for jobs, including writing your CV and cover letter and preparing for the job interview.


 The third step is all about setting a goal and focusing on how to get there.

“Our prospective working lives are like Russian dolls. There are at least five utterly plausible career selves within each of us. We are multiple beings in vain search of singular identities.”  (The School of Life)