Check-in in home Boudewijn on 08.02.2023

You have a reservation in one of the University Halls of Residence. In your case, the residence is Home Boudewijn.
Due to the huge amount of check-ins, we will exceptionally have a host on-site.

That way, you can complete your check-in immediately in home Boudewijn in case you would arrive on 08.02 between 2 p.m. (check-in starting time) and 8 p.m.


9000 GENT

  • In case you would arrive later than these check-in hours, please check in at the reception desk of home Vermeylen at Stalhof 6, as mentioned on


9000 GENT

We would like to remind you that check-in prior to 2 p.m. is not possible.

How to find home Boudewijn?

We urge you to check the official “De Lijn” app or request information at the “De Lijn-shop” at the North-West side of the train station for information to get at the Home with public transport.

Check out the website of the Flemish Bus Company here

From the main train station of Ghent (Gent Sint-Pieters)

  • you can take a tram to the University Hospital, located right next to home Boudewijn
  • several buses stop near Home Boudewijn (please use the official route planner instead of general apps: due to the academic calendar, the schedules might be affected)
  • it's a half an hour (and rather straightforward) walk to home Boudewijn
  • you can take a taxi from underneath the train station (the entrance to the taxi stops can be found right in front of the main entrance)

Our Tip
Use the public transport (and don't forget to activate your ticket before you hop on the bus)

Home Boudewijn is 14 stories high and, together with the University Hospital main building, therefore the only high building in this area of Ghent. Locating the home is quite easy.

Home Boudewijn