(Demand for) Repairments in the Halls of Residence


An inventory form should be submitted to the reception desk of the Housing Office ultimately 1 week after checking in.
This form is a solely a survey of the state of your room upon check-in. Please note your remarks clearly and completely on the form.
The reimbursement of your deposit after check-out is based on your description of the living unit after check-in.
In case no inventory form is submitted on time, the tenant is deemed to have received the unit in a good condition.


Defects to the living unit or in communal areas need to be reported online as soon as possible.
These will be repaired by technicians for free during your stay, provided that there are no signs of vandalism, nor extreme circumstances or foul play are involved.

Damage caused by an untimely notification, or defects discovered after permanent departure, can be charged to you. 


In case a repairment in or around your living unit is needed, please log in and fill in our

online repair form

You can make several entries for multiple problems.
Please note that repairments will not be initiated by remarks on the inventory form or other notifications.


Please note that, by logging in to our repair form, you give permission to the housing office and the technicians to enter your living unit in the next days to make the necessary repairments.
You do not have to be or stay present at the time of the repairs. If necessary, our technicians can obtain a copy of your key at our reception desk.
When leaving the living unit, our technicians will always lock the door and leave a notification behind, so please remember to keep your keys with you at all time.