About your room

Can't locate that one book? Do you have trouble finding your favourite T-shirt? Is hopping on one leg the only way to get around in your room? Do flocks of flies keep buzzing around your head? Do your visitors hold their breath when entering your room?

Time to clean up.
A clean room leads to a peaceful mind.

Tips on how to keep your room looking, if not perfect, at least presentable!


  • Plan a fixed day or moment to clean up or re-organize your items. Or each night before bed, examine your room to make sure everything is in its correct place.
  • Pick up your stuff. If your stuff starts accumulating again, just take a few minutes each day to put everything where it belongs. Start with large items first, and then move on to papers, etc.
  • Use your storage space efficiently. Give all your stuff a fixed place. Decide what is essential, preferable, and unnecessary for your room. Stash away necessary but unused materials.
  • Get rid of waste right away. Put unused papers, wrappings, cans, food leftovers and other waste in the appropriate bins.
  • Ventilate your room daily. Each day when you arise, air the bed. Open the windows, throw the bedcovers open. Do not leave your window open during winter.