The student restaurants will become even more inclusive: halal meals will be available from 24 April onwards

Half of the warm meal menu is already vegetarian, part of which are vegan meals. In addition, from 24 April you will also be able to enjoy halal meals in the restaurants and cafeterias.Student restaurants become even more inclusive: halal meat meals available from 24 April onwards

In a recent survey, we asked UGent'ers which specific dietary requirements they would like to see added to our offer. Halal meals was the most common answer.

We want to make sure that everyone feels welcome in the student restaurants. So that you can eat together with your diverse group of fellow students, regardless of whether they like to eat meat, veggie, vegan, or halal meat.

We start with an assortment of 6 meals that will be offered alternately in the refrigerated counter. These meals can be heated in the microwave oven (also on site). Every resto and cafeteria will offer these dishes. All dishes cost € 4.70 if you can identify yourself at the counter with your UGent card. The rates of the other customer groups are listed here.

The dishes are:

Chicken drumsticks with string beans and mashed potatoes
Chicken fillet with carrots and mashed potatoes
Chicken chop with cauliflower and potatoes
Chicken chop with sweet soy sauce and Surinamese chow mei
Chicken fillet with macedoine vegetables and mashed potatoes
Macaroni bolognese (beef)

The halal certificate from our supplier.