Ghent University opens 2020-21 academic year

Monday 21 September 2020 marks the beginning of a brand-new academic year. We will meet up both online and offline in Ghent and Kortrijk. Come on, off we go!

Guide to an exceptional start at Ghent University

Ghent University aims to teach as many students on campus as possible. It goes without saying that, in doing so, we put everyone’s safety first. For that reason, in-person classes on campus will be interspersed with online tutorials.

UGent on/offOn and offline. Always connected.

We live in extraordinary times because of the many coronavirus safety measures. Ghent University does everything in its power to make sure the 2020-21 academic year will proceed as safely and smoothly as possibly.

Ghent University students and staff will meet on and off, i.e. both online and offline, on and off campus. This will be emphasised with a few colourful words of welcome.

Once again, we want to give our over tens of thousands of students and thousands of employees a warm welcome as they kick off the academic year!

Join in: spread the welcome message

Change your social media banners, put up a poster at your student digs or at home, send out emails… Join us for the opening of the brand-new academic year. It will bring us closer together, each on our own separate stretch of campus.

Official opening academic year

Livestream from Campus UZ Gent (Ghent University Hospital)

This year was not kicked off with a colourful parade and a formal ceremony at Ghent University’s Aula. We started the year, however, in a way that is appropriate in these challenging times: both on and off. Because that is what we want. And because we can. As a tribute to our healthcare providers, an inspiring and energetic opening ceremony was organised at Campus UZ Gent (Ghent University Hospital).

View the official opening ceremony:

Gents UniversiteitsmuseumGUM (Ghent University Museum) set to open its doors in October

Free visits between 3 and 31 October. Yes!

In normal circumstances, the GUM would have had its festive opening back in March. We were expecting thousands of visitors. The coronavirus, however, put a stop to that. From Saturday 3 October through to Saturday 31 October the brand-new science museum will open its doors with a bang in a way that is completely ‘corona-proof’. Yes!

Take a look at the full programme for our ‘Forum for Science, Doubt & Art’, including free visits, workshops, artistic performances and much more.

Register for your free visit to the GUM


We wish all of you a smooth start to the new academic year. This year will present particular challenges to everyone at Ghent University, both students and staff. Together, however, we can make a difference!