Cacaolab chocolate with Ghent University logo

A unique selection of pralines made by Cacaolab, a spin-off from Ghent University.

Cacaolab originated from the Food Technology lab at the department of Food Technology, Safety and Health (faculty of Bioscience Engineering).

test‘Innovation and training from bean to praline’. That's Cacaolab's creed, which they put into practice in two ways:

  1. They create innovative chocolate products, commissioned by companies or in the context of their own scientific research. Cacaolab has its own small-scale experimental chocolate and fillings production facility. In addition, they have developed an analytical toolbox for cocoa and chocolate related research.

  2. Cacaolab frequently provides trainings and organises seminars to inform the industry of the newest scientific findings on topics related to cacao and chocolate.

Cacaolab created a unique praline collection named 'The All-Chemist', in a luxury gift box with 9 or 25 pralines. You can order them, under certain conditions, directly through Cacaolab (and no longer through the Ghent University shop as before).

    Fine praline collection ‘The All-Chemist’

    Unieke pralinecollectie 'The All-Chemist'  met likeuren van Sas Distilleries, ontworpen voor de UGent door Cacaolab.This unique selection of pralines is created with spirits from Sas Distilleries, the brainchild of Ghent University professor Benedikt Sas. 

    The pralines offer the optimal balance between traditional artisanal recipes and the latest scientific findings. The taste is perfectly balanced, to make sure that the spicy, floral aroma of the spirits can be fully appreciated.

    The pralines are available in a small box with 9 pralines or a large box with 25 pralines.

    The box is wrapped with a sleeve with the Ghent University logo. Inside you will find an insert with information (in English) about Ghent University, Cacaolab and the different pralines.

    Contact Cacaolab direclty to discuss options around quantities and delivery time.

    Contact Cacaolab to place an order



    The ‘The All-Chemist’ collection consists of 5 different pralines, each with their own unique flavour: 

    Orange-AgrumeUnieke praline met agrum-sinaasappelsmaak uit de collectie 'The All-Chemist', ontworpen voor de UGent door Cacaolab.

    This praline contains an orange liqueur and is coated with a layer of dark chocolate. Thanks to the unique aroma of the liqueur and the addition of agrume, this classic combination is transformed into a praline bursting with taste.



    Blueberry-AbsinthUnieke praline met bosbes-absinthsmaak uit de collectie 'The All-Chemist', ontworpen voor de UGent door Cacaolab.

    In this praline, aromatic Abaddon® Absinth is complemented with the sweet and sour taste of blueberry. The dark chocolate layer adds a hint of bitterness to perfectly balance the taste.



    Pear-CaramelUnieke praline met peer-karamelsmaak uit de collectie 'The All-Chemist', ontworpen voor de UGent door Cacaolab.

    This milk chocolate praline contains a caramel filling, supplemented with real pears and Camulos®, an eau de vie made from Doyenne pears. A delicious, sweet praline that is the ideal way to end a meal.



    Gin-LimeUnieke praline met gin-limoensmaak uit de collectie 'The All-Chemist', ontworpen voor de UGent door Cacaolab.

    Angelicus® Gin, which is distilled based on a recipe from 1610, is perfectly complemented with an acidic touch of lime. The ganache is coated with a thin layer of dark chocolate. A true explosion of flavours!



    Rum-SpeculoosUnieke praline met rum-speculoossmaak uit de collectie 'The All-Chemist', ontworpen voor de UGent door Cacaolab.

    For this praline, Charlesville® Rum is ripened in American Oak barrels to give it an enticing vanilla aroma. The combination with Belgian speculoos cookies will keep you coming back for another of these exquisite pralines.

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