Dr Ajit Baron Shetty

Dr Ajit Baron Shetty achieved many successes in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Among other things, he was CEO at Janssen Pharmaceutica. And even today he is still very active in the biotech sector as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology.

Baron Shetty is not an academic, but is a great facilitator of scientific research in the pharmaceutical sciences. He has also supported the development of research institutions in many ways.

On the importance of believing in people

"Ajit Shetty has a real heartfelt interest and respect for people. I am convinced that this has also contributed to his achievements, which are not small, not in number and not in importance."

Professor Dieter Deforce, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, is the promotor of this honorary doctorate.

Laudatio for Dr Ajit Baron Shetty at the DNA helix at the VIB building in the Tech Lane Ghent Science Park in Zwijnaarde. A familiar place for Doctor Ajit Baron Shetty.

Why science needs bridge-builders like Ajit Shetty

“If you are among the top in the world, the world will come to you.” That is the premise of Dr Ajit Baron Shetty. As a top executive at Janssen Pharmaceutica, he brought the world to Beerse, and as chairman of the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology (VIB), he continues to help build bridges between Ghent University and the world.

Dr Ajit Baron Shetty

Promotor Dieter Deforce:

“Ajit Baron Shetty has improved our research field in many ways, for instance his connected way of working. Every student in our faculty knows who he is, and what he has accomplished.”

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