Professor Iain Stewart

In honour of its 100th anniversary, the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering nominated Professor Iain Stewart. The centenary celebrations, planned for 2 October 2020, were also postponed due to corona. For this reason, Professor Iain Stewart will now receive his honorary doctorate from Ghent University on Friday 19 March.

The Faculty is honouring Iain Stewart not only as a scientist who has combined the topic of ‘Planet Earth’ with the work of his own Faculty, but also as an expert who is able to present this theme to members of other disciplines, and to a wider public.

Leader in transferring knowledge about Planet Earth

"Researchers in exact and applied sciences are mainly trained to engage in discussions with peers. Professor Iain Stewart advocates supplementing this with knowledge from the social sciences regarding communication with a wide and diverse audience."

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, an institutional honorary doctorate will be awarded to Professor Iain Stewart, for his outstanding contribution as a communicator of the "environment" in which life on our planet has evolved.

Professor Marc Van Meirvenne, Dean of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, is the promotor of this honorary doctorate.

Laudatio for Professor Iain Stewart at Campus Coupure, home of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering where the facade of Block A is a protected cityscape.

Science: a matter for researchers and communicators

What is the role of communication in scientific research? An essential one, according to Professor Iain Stewart. He is a geologist, but above all a science communicator with, among other things, countless series made for the BBC. “It’s more than informing. I also want to connect with people.”

Professor Iain Stewart
Honorary doctor Iain Stewart:

"When it comes to climate change, for example, you only engage if you really care. And you can only do that once you’ve heard a passionate expert on the subject."

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