Sponsoring by Ghent University

Ghent University sponsors certain initiatives and events to make the Ghent University brand stronger and more visible.

What kind of events does Ghent University choose to sponsor?

We consider the objectives in every sponsorship request:

  • Is the angle of the activity innovative, socially engaged and/or sustainable?
  • Is the theme related to science?
  • Is there a clear link between the assignment and Ghent University (in terms of education, research and social engagement)?

If the response to one or more of these questions is yes, the event has more chance of being sponsored by Ghent University.

Who does Ghent University target?

We use sponsorship to focus on 2 main audiences:

  • Those choosing their studies, more specifically students in the 5th or 6th year of secondary school (large events such as festivals)
  • Wide audience in Flanders and Brussels

The aim is to generate extensive visibility for Ghent University via sponsoring. If there is a match with Ghent University’s target audience and objectives, the following rule is applied: the wider the reach, the more valuable the partnership.

Who will not be sponsored by Ghent University?

  • Final year activities in secondary schools
  • Recognised Ghent University student associations: these already receive financial support from Ghent University
  • Youth movements
  • Internal events (organised within Ghent University’s activities)


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