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B-GOOD ( stands for "Giving Beekeeping Guidance by Computational-assisted Decision Making" and involves 17 institutions from 13 countries across the EU, including scientists, beekeepers, and beekeeping associations.

B-GOOD will pave the way towards healthy and sustainable beekeeping within the European Union by following a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach. The overall goal is to provide guidance for beekeepers and help them make better and more informed decisions.


Project description

Big data, an interactive platform and six different technological innovations are the core of the Horizon 2020 research and innovation project B-GOOD in its 4-year mission to pave the way toward healthy and sustainable beekeeping across the European Union.

In close cooperation with the EU Bee Partnership, the project aims to develop an EU-wide bee health and management data platform, which will enable sharing of knowledge between scientists, beekeepers and other actors in the area. To ensure interoperability and the establishment of the platform as a centralised EU bee data hub and support beekeepers in maintaining honey bees healthy, the European Food Safety Authority - EFSA's Health Status Index (HSI) will be further extended and operationalized. B-GOOD's platform will utilise and further expand the open source BEEP system comprised of a monitoring device and the already functional user-friendly application for digital beekeeping logbooks.





These are the objectives of B-GOOD:
•    Facilitate decision making for beekeepers and other stakeholders by establishing ready-to-use tools for operationalising the HIS
•    Test, standardise and validate methods for measuring and reporting selected indicators affecting bee health
•    Explore the various socio-economic and ecological factors beyond bee health
•    Engender a lasting learning and innovation system (LIS)
•    Minimise the impact of biotic and abiotic stressors
Role of Ghent University
Gent University is the coordinating institution of B-GOOD.



Prof. Dirk de Graaf
Department of Biochemistry and microbiology, Faculty of Science
Phone number: 092648732