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The MEASURE project (harmonised cross-sectorial sustainability assessment in the European process industries) started in January 2015 for a duration of 15 months. It gathers eight partners from industry and academia. The project is coordinated by Dana Kralisch, working group leader at the Institute of Pharmacy of the University of Jena, Germany.

MEASURE fotoBy aiming for a green economy based on resource efficiency and low emissions, Europe is facing a tremendous challenge. To achieve this goal, the evaluation and assessment of the resource and emission efficiencies of the European industrial sectors is key, and collaboration along the value chain within process industry is strongly encouraged. Therefore, current assessment/evaluation methods and collaboration practices might need to be restructured and harmonized. The main aim of the MEASURE project is to provide a roadmap to highlight current research and harmonization needs for life cycle based evaluation and for the practical cooperation for a sustainable supply chain management, including the cooperation between manufacturers and cross-sectorial co-product, recycling and reuse options.
Therefore, the project team is focusing on the following main topics:

  1. Critical points in current practice due to interfaces between sectors and/or along the supply chain,
  2. From single sector to cross-sectorial supply chain [data] management by full Life Cycle Sustainability assessment on the example of the industrial sectors chemistry & consumer goods, steel & automotive as well as waste treatment, and
  3. From research & development to full scale production using the right tools.


  • Identify the needs of different stakeholders within sectors of processing industries with respect of sustainability metrics and identify complementary and competing interests.
  • Identify broad agreements and weak points in current state sustainability assessment within three key industrial sectors: chemistry, metals and automotive, and waste.
  • Deliver a profound roadmap for holistic, cross-sectorial sustainability assessment in European process industries.

    Role of Ghent University

    Ghent University is leading the analysis on the Waste sector, identifying the current legislation which encourages sustainability assessment in the sector as well as the existing guidelines, and analyzing the limitations of the environmental sustainability assessment methods currently used. Ghent University is also leading the analysis of current practices for resource efficiency evaluation in process industries.


    Prof. Jo Dewulf
    Department of Sustainable Organic Chemistry and Technology
    Phone number: +32(0)9/264 5949