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The project RESILEX, which stands for Resilient Enhancement for the Silicon Industry Leveraging the European matriX, belongs to the Horizon Innovation Action programme. The project started June 2022 and will run for four years. The coordinator of the project is ‘CLUSTER PARA LA MINERIA SOTENIBILEY SERVICIOS ASOCIADOS DE LA PENINSULA IBERICA - IBERIAN SUSTAINABLE MINING CLUSTER (ISMC)’. In total, the project has 19 participants.

Project description

The general objective of Project RESiLEX is to demonstrate 7 industry-driven technological and business innovative solutions covering the full Silicon value chain in order to contribute to improving the resilience and sustainability of this critical raw material value chain in Europe. RESiLEX will assess the economical, social and environmental impact of these solutions and identify, roadmap, provide open source policy-making recommendations to accelerate the replication of the ones with the highest potential, while also addressing transversal challenges from the European mining industry as a whole with a 8th pilot transversal demonstration.


These are the objectives of RESILEX:

  • Contribute to improving the resilience of the Silicon value chain in Europe by demonstrating 8 innovative technological and business solutions, each covering a section of this value chain
  • Demonstrate and develop a new carbon-free, sustainable, and more efficient process for production of Si and Si alloys compatible with c-Si ingot production for solar applications
  • Develop more efficient, sustainable, eco-designed and cost-competitive photovoltaic solar cells and modules
  • Demonstrate a highly efficient Silicon recycling process from end-of-life PV modules
  • Demonstrate high energy density 2 Ah Li-ion battery cells with Si composite from recycled PV modules
  • Demonstrate a sustainable circular process to recover waste critical raw material in the mining industry.
  • Provide EU policy recommendations towards a sustainable exploitation of Silicon and CRM in Europe
  • Ensure the scale up of RESiLEX innovations on the long run through realistic exploitation strategies, inter-cluster cooperation and stakeholder’s engagement

Role of Ghent University

Ghent University is responsible for the comparative environmental sustainability assessment. Next to the overall environmental performance of the processes developed in the project, also the contribution to circular economy and resource criticality will be defined.


To be announced


Prof. Jo Dewulf
Department of Green Chemistry and Technology
Phone number: +32 9 264 59 49

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