ERC Support

The EU team advises and supports researchers who submit an ERC proposal with Ghent University as Host Institution (HI).

It is advisable to inform the EU team very early about a possible participation. This is possible from 12 months before the deadline.

For whom?

Are you not yet 100% ZAP?

  • Formal approval from the department and faculty is required in order to estimate the suitability of the candidate and his / her line of research within the strategic lines of the faculty.
  • This procedure needs to start at least 3 months before the ERC submission deadline.
  • Laureates of ERC grants receive a BOF-ZAP mandate.
  • Procedure via Department Council and Faculty Council can take several months. Approach may differ per department / faculty.
  • Starting up EU team support is only possible after the faculty council has given approval.

Are you already 100% ZAP?

  • No formal approval from the department and faculty is required.


Your first point of contact

Support service When? About
Meeting with EU team advisor Any time • General info about ERC programme, calls, UGent procedures, incentives, ….
• Strategic approach (application timing, resubmission rules)
CV and project idea check by EU Team experts
  • Not 100% UGent ZAP: at least 3 months before the submission deadline
  • UGent ZAP (100%): at least two months before the submission deadline

Go - No go advice

Proposal concept discussion with an EU Team expert

Until 1 month before the submission deadline Meeting to discuss the project idea

Feedback on written proposal (EU-team):

  • based on first-come, first-served principle 

Send in your draft proposal as early as possible, but at least 3 weeks before the deadline

Written comments on the proposal draft.

Mock interview for applicants invited to 2nd evaluation stage When ERCEA sends out invitations to the 2nd evaluation stage.
  • On invitation
  • If you are selected for the second evaluation step for a Starting or Consolidator Grant, you will be invited for a mock interview organized by the EU Funding Unit, with a Ghent University jury of (former) ERC panel members, ERC grantees, members of the Ghent University Research Council and your EU advisor.
Administrative and financial support during proposal stage At least two weeks before the deadline • Registration proposal in Funding & Tender Portal Horizon Europe
• Budget: template, salaries, other advice
• Host Letter signed by the rector