Sensitizing Events

The UGent Global Minds Fund (GMF) provides opportunities to the whole Ghent University community to collaborate with partners in the Global South in order to address the global challenges of sustainable development. GMF is designed as an ‘innovator’ programme that aims to

  •  increase the production and application of innovative solutions to global challenges,
  •  sustain, improve and expand equitable partnerships with actors in the Global South, and
  • create a conducive environment for Ghent university students, staff and alumni to act as critical global citizens.

This call targets all members of the Ghent University community (students, researchers, staff, alumni) that want to organize events or actions with the objective to sensitize and engage a Ghent University audience on issues related to sustainable development challenges in the Global South.

Some examples:

  •  A Ghent University platform organizes an information session and panel discussion on environmental sustainability in Africa, in cooperation with the city of Ghent and an NGO.
  •  A faculty organizes a movie night on ‘The Devil’s miner’ about the life of Bolivian children working in the Cerro Rico mine of Potosi.
  •  A professor in rehabilitation sciences invites Handicap International to give a workshop about ‘Disabilities in the South’.
  •  A student organizes an event to bring students from Ghent University closer to students from developing countries. (e.g. a godmother/godfather system throughout the year, or a clothing swap event, etc.).
  • A student association organizes a travel night and asks their fellow students from the Global South to present their country with pictures, music and local food.
  • A faculty organizes a ‘Run for SDGs’.

Ghent University was the first Flemish university to obtain the ‘Fair Trade’ label in 2015 and as we seek to continue our leading role in the University Fair Trade Campaign, Fair Trade events planned during the ‘Fair Trade Week’ will also be eligible to apply.

Involving external stakeholders (e.g. city of Ghent, NGOs, universities of applied sciences and arts, Province of East-Flanders, private sector, etc.) in the organisation of an event or action is considered a plus.

Call and application forms

Call Sensitizing Events 2024

Application form Sensitizing Events 2024

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Steven Schoofs - Global Minds Coordinator

Liesbeth Vandepitte - Communication Partnerships Global South