Large-scale research infrastructure


In the call for large-scale research infrastructure funding is available for investments of more than 1.000.000 EUR in both fundamental and strategic basic research. Due to the broad definition of research infrastructure, it is possible for research groups from both alpha, beta and gamma faculties to submit a proposal.

For the 2023-2024 call there is 7.636.364 EUR (overhead excl.) available. 


  1. The promoter-supervisor submits the proposal via the FWO e-loket
  2. Eligibility check by the FWO
  3. External peer review by referees not working in Belgium
  4. Posibility to give feedback to the referee reports
  5. Evaluation by 2 committees.
    For more detailed information on the selection criteria from both committees: see art. 13 of the regulations
    • Science Committee: Evaluation of the research programme. In addition to the full proposal, the Science committee will also see the referee reports and the feedback from the applicants. The committee makes a list of applications for which a hearing will be organised.
      During the hearing, applicants can explain their application and answer further questions from the committee.
      The committee then formulates a motivated advice, with a ranking of the most excellent applications.
    • Invest Committee: Evaluation of the investment plan of the proposals that were classified as excellent by the Science committee. The committee also examines whether there are still opportunities for cooperation with other Flemish or foreign partners. 
      Based on this, the committee formulates an advice, which will be added to the advice of the Science committee.
  6. The Board of Directors of the FWO takes a final decision, based on the advices from both committees
  7. Project can start


The minimum fundig percentage is 70%

    • This percentage can increase to 90% if there is substantial cooperation between partners from two different institutions that can apply for funding. en mits evenredige cofinanciering van alle aanvragers.
In case of 90% funding, the part of the cofinancing from Ghent Unviersity will be paid from internal university funds: read the conditions in art. 7 of this regulation (in Dutch).
  • 100% funding is possible if at least 25% of the investment costs are paid by an institution other than a university or university college.

What costs are eligible?

  • Equipment: The purchase of (components for) the research infrastructure or the upgrade of already existing infrastructure

  • Staff costs: For the development and construction or permanent operation of the research infrastructure, including costs for training.
  • Operational costs: Maintenance costs, upgrades or repair costs to the research infrastructure
Attention: consumables for the use of the infrastructure are not eligible! These costs should be charged on the research projects that make use of the infrastructure.

Overhead costs should not be included in the budget.

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