Scientific Research Networks

Scientific Research Networks are international networks of researchers. By financing these networks, FWO aims to encourage more coordination and national and international cooperation in relation to postdoctoral scientific research. The aim is to create sixty or more of these networks.

These virtual research groups, brought into effect by coordination, collaboration and concentration at a national and international level, prevent dual usage, give postdoctoral researchers more of a chance to develop and position the research of individual and complementary research departments in a wider framework, which in turn delivers added value for the research.


A Scientific Research Network is recognised by the Board of Trustees for a period of five years and may be extended.

How does it work?

The applications, using the specific applications forms, must be submitted to the secretariat of the FWO-Vlaanderen before 30 September of the year preceding the year of commencement.

The application is submitted to the International Collaboration Committee (CIWC), who gives its opinion. The Board of Trustees makes its final allocation on basis of this opinion.

How much funding is involved?

The Scientific  Research Network receives an annual bench fee of 12.000 euro. The bench fee remains available to the research network for the duration of the collaboration and the two subsequent years.

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