TBM - Applied Biomedical Research with a Primary Social finality


The TBM programme provides funding for biomedical research that focuses on new therapies or diagnoses, which are already further on the path from discovery to clinical application and offer a clear societal applicability, but without any industrial interest at the moment.

A perfect fit with the call conditions is essential and should be checked before starting to write the proposal. An intake is advised to see if your project idea fits the scope of TBM.


  • Applicants: Flemish research centers (university hospitals, universities, university colleges, strategic research centers, ...)
  • No companies allowed in the consortium
  • At least 10% of the budget should be asked by a Flemish hospital or ITM (Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp)
  • Non-Flemish research centers: max. 20% of the budget
  • 100% funding
  • Duration: 2 to 4 years
  • Project budget: 215.000-850.000 euro. For large or multicentric trials budgets can go up to 1.275.000 EUR.
  • An advisory committee is highly recommended


Both Ghent University (research co-ordination office, team National funding) and Ghent University Hospital (HIRUZ-IVU, Innovation and Valorisation Unit) offer support in the preparatory phase and submission of a TBM proposal. This support is available for both lead promoters and co-promoters.

  • You can ask for an intake meeting with FWO and HIRUZ-IVU to verify whether your project idea fits the scope of TBM
  • If your project idea fits the scope, HIRUZ-IVU can help with the utilisation part of the proposal
  • Team National funding can help you prepare the budget and calculate the staff costs


  1. The main supervisor submits the project, at the latest by the deadline for presubmission (beginning of March). The project is now submitted to the host institution.
  2. The host institution checks the project on eligibility and financial aspects and gives feedback to the supervisor. If changes to the project are needed, the project will be reopenend and the supervisor will be able to adjust the proposal again.
  3. When all changes are made the supervisor submits the proposal to the host institution again, in time for final submission
  4. The host institution submits the project to FWO, at the latest on the deadline for final submission (middle of March)

The entire submission process is done using the e-loket van FWO.

The proposal (including attachements) should be written in English.


The evaluation will be on two levels:

  • Scientific quality
  • Utilisation value

All applications are reviewed by a number of (inter)national experts who will discuss and evaluate the proposals during a panel meeting at FWO. During this panel meeting all applicants have the opportunity to briefly interact with the experts to provide answers to the most crucial questions of the experts. 


    A list of approved projects is published on the website of FWO in July. Approved projects will start on 1 October. 

    Every year 10-15 projects get funded.

    More information


    Ghent University - Research Co-ordination Office

    Ghent University Hospital - HIRUZ Innovation and Valorisation Unit