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OpenAIRE Advancing Open Scholarship
48 partners
Coordinator: Chatzopoulos, Mike - University of Athens
Jan. 2018 – Dec. 2020


Project description

OpenAIRE-Advance continues the mission of OpenAIRE to support the Open Access/Open Data mandates in Europe. By sustaining the current successful infrastructure, comprised of a human network and robust technical services, it consolidates its achievements while working to shift the momentum among its communities to Open Science, aiming to be a trusted e-Infrastructure within the realms of the European Open Science Cloud. In this next phase, OpenAIRE-Advance strives to empower its National Open Access Desks (NOADs) so they become a pivotal part within their own national data infrastructures, positioning OA and open science onto national agendas. The capacity building activities bring together experts on topical task groups in thematic areas(open policies, RDM, legal issues, TDM), promoting a train the trainer approach, strengthening and expanding the pan-European Helpdesk with support and training toolkits, training resources and workshops. It examines key elements of scholarly communication, i.e., co-operative OA publishing and next generation repositories, to develop essential building blocks of the scholarly commons. On the technical level OpenAIRE-Advance focuses on the operation and maintenance of the OpenAIRE technical TRL8/9 services, and radically improves the OpenAIRE services on offer by:

•    optimizing their performance and scalability,
•    refining their functionality based on end-user
•    feedback,
•    repackaging them into products, taking a professional marketing approach  with well-defined KPIs,
•    consolidating the range of services/products into a common e-Infra catalogue to enable a wider uptake.

OpenAIRE- Advance steps up its outreach activities with concrete pilots with three major Research Infrastructures, citizen science initiatives, and innovators via a rigorous Open Innovation programme. Finally, via its partnership with COAR, OpenAIRE-Advance consolidates OpenAIRE’s global role extending its collaborations with Latin America, US, Japan, Canada, and Africa


These are the objectives of OpenAIRE

•    Make Open Access to Europe’s research results the default
•    Support global interoperabilityon Open Access data e-infrastructures
•    Advance OA scholarly communication infrastructure towards a “scholarly commons”
•    Engage stakeholders in a participatory process for improved services and uptake
•    Provide robust services
•    Create a sustainable OpenAIRE governance within EOSC


Role of Ghent University

Ghent University is National Open Access Desk for Belgium, coordinates activities in 9 western European countries and is part of the Project Steering Committee, with a focus on training, dissemination and networking activities



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