HR Excellence in research: strategy and action plan

Ghent University sets out its priorities for a good human resources management for the period 2014-2017 in a university-wide HR Strategy and Action Plan.

2014-2017As a caring and committed employer, in line with its strategic objectives, Ghent University promotes a talent-driven HR policy as a fertile ground for excellent research and education in a global world.

Constantly seeking to improve and guarantee the quality of researchers’ careers and career opportunities for researchers, Ghent University implemented the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers in an integrated and fully embedded institutional HR Strategy and Action Plan. The HR Strategy is designed to push for an excellent human resources management and to make research careers more attractive. As such, we will contribute to the development of a dynamic European research area and an open labour market for researchers.

For whom?

The Ghent University HR Strategy and Action Plan is targeted at all academic staff (doctoral researchers, postdoctoral staff, other scientific staff, professorial staff). Special attention is given to early career researchers with temporary and unstable employment prospects. Young researchers are Ghent University’s human capital. They are the key to developing and delivering world-class research and education.

What's in the action plan?

Ghent University sets out the priorities in its academic HR management for the period 2014-2018:

HR Strategy and Action Plan for Researchers

In 2016 Ghent University carried out a mid-term internal evaluation and updated the existing action plan:

Mid-term evaluation report and monitoring overview

Ghent University is expecting an external review of the HR Strategy and Action Plan in 2018.

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