Respectful behaviour - Time to hear your opinion!

A round table discussion regarding respectful behaviour.

Ghent University has established a number of working groups to review how respectful behaviour can be promoted across the University. As the Ghent University PhD Community, we feel this topic is especially relevant to PhD researchers and we’re therefore keen to hear your opinion on this important issue. That’s why we’re hosting a low-key, informal round table conversation that is moderated by other PhDs to give you a chance to voice your thoughts and opinions. Members of the Doctoral Schools Office will attend to listen, take anonymised notes, and make sure your thoughts make it into the University’s review process. Open minds, well-founded arguments, and of course some drinks and snacks are the foundation of a good conversation.

We have chosen four subjects to help frame the conversations:

  • Hotlines, what do/can we expect from them?
  • What is ‘good practice’? What is an ‘ideal’ professional work relation? What can doctorandi anticipate in a management from a promotor?
  • Active Bystander Training: What do we need to make it successful? Who needs this?
  • Actors and interventions: what kind of interventions do PhDs expect when they report an issue? Who should intervene (e.g. head of department, PostDoc, ombudsperson)?

Afterwards all input is anonymised and bundled in a single report that will be reported to the chair of the project on respectful behaviour.
Topics will be allocated to you based on your selection of two areas of interest upon registration. It is possible to switch topics after a while.


  • Registration link:
  • When? Monday 24 October at 8PM (20h)
  • Where? campus Rommelaere (Jozef Kluyskensstraat 29, 9000 Gent), Dienstgebouw A/E/D, leslokaal 0.1..