Postdoc Training Programme

The postdoc training program consists of several workshops that will boost your transferrable skills.

Postdoc talent management - workshops designed for & by postdocs


An overview of all the postdoc courses can be found here

How to register

Each course is organized several times a year. If the course is complete, you can register for the waiting list.

Go to Apollo (accessible via ) and click on followings tabs.

  • Personeel > Vorming  > Catalogus  > Professionele kennis & vaardigheden  > Postdoc Talent Management (if set in English: Personnel > Training > Catalogue > Professional knowledge & skills > Postdoc Talent Management)
  • Personeel / Vorming / Catalogus / Academic funding (Staff / Training / Catalogue / Academic funding)

Switching the Apollo training catalogue into English

For all information related to the training catalogue, it is possible to change your preferred language into English.  Please note that the other domains in Apollo are not available in English at this moment.

Roadmap: go to “Personeel/Persoonlijke gegevens”. Click on “Voorkeurstaal wijzigen”. In the next window, click on “start” and select ‘Engels’ in the drop down menu, then click ‘volgende stap’ and ‘verzenden’. 

For further assistance you can contact or 09 264 98 98.

Important to know before you register for the Postdoc Talent Management workshops

All courses are free of charge, but not for Ghent University! Registration involves a commitment and professional attitude:

  • You subscribe for all sessions of a course. Workshops cannot be taken separately.
  • Late cancellations or not showing up may limit your chances of attending other courses in the future.

All courses are in English. In case all participants are native Dutch-speaking, the course will be in Dutch.

No show policy - annulations

The training session is free of charge and is open to the UGent-staff. If you register for a training in Apollo, you agree to the cancellation and no show policy.

Training courses on Academic Funding

Ghent University offers in-house training and workshops on funding (register via Apollo, Staff / Training / Catalogue / Academic funding), such as:

  • Introduction to Horizon 2020
  • How to write a Horizon 2020 proposal
  • Coordinating collaborative EU-projects
  • ERC Q&A session: dare to ask!
  • MSCA Individual Fellowships
  • MSCA Innovative Training Networks (ITN)

Other useful workshops (not all free of charge)


Liesbet Boone (09 264 98 36) and Inge Vanheule (09 264 30 91)

Career Development Office - Department of Personnel and Organization
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25
9000 Gent