PhD Student electrophoresis in advanced configurations

Last application date
Sep 30, 2024 00:00
TW06 - Department of Electronics and Information Systems
Limited duration
Master’s degree in physics, applied physics, engineering physics or other relevant fields
Occupancy rate
Vacancy type
Research staff
Vacancy for PhD position: electrophoresis in advanced configurations
Advisors: Prof. Martijn van den Broek, Prof. Filip Beunis, Ghent University, Belgium

Job description

In the LCP group of Ghent University ( we have a long history of modelling and testing electrophoretic motion of particles in polar and nonpolar liquids. Our goals are to understand the underlying physical mechanisms and to develop or improve new technologies based on this knowledge, such as electronic ink displays, smart windows, manipulation of particles at the microscale and electrodeposition. In recent experiments and prototypes we noticed that phenomena occur that cannot be explained by the one-dimensional models that we developed and commonly use. The PhD candidate will continue our recent research in these new phenomena by designing and creating new microstructures that highlight the observed novel effects and that lead potentially to promising new applications. The experimental work is accompanied by theoretical and computer modelling. A performant model will allow a more realistic simulation of electrophoretic systems, widening our understanding of the phenomena and enabling the improvement of current designs and or development of new designs.

Job profile

  • You are highly motivated to be engaged in academic research with the goal of obtaining a PhD degree, publish research papers and present at conferences.
  • You like to be involved in the teaching activities of your advisors.
  • You have a master’s degree in physics, applied physics, engineering physics or other relevant fields with excellent grades.
  • You have the right profile and are willing to apply for personal funding from external research funds, with the support of the advisors.
  • You are eager to learn from the expertise in the research group but are also able to find solutions independently.
  • You are fascinated by physics, modelling and computer simulation.
  • You are happy to do experimental work.
  • You have good programming skills (Python, Matlab, etc.). Experience with COMSOL is certainly an asset.


  • We offer a full-time position as a doctoral fellow, consisting of an initial period of 12 months, which - after a positive evaluation, will be extended to a total maximum of 48 months.
  • The fellowship amount is 100% of the net salary of an AAP member in equal family circumstances. The individual fellowship amount is determined by the Department of Personnel and Organization based on family status and seniority. A grant that meets the conditions and criteria of the regulations for doctoral fellowships is considered free of personal income tax. Click here for more information about our salary scales
  • Committed guidance by professors in the particle subgroup: Prof. Filip Beunis, Prof. Filip Strubbe and Prof. Martijn van den Broek.
  • A startup grant for 18 months. In this period the candidate is requested to apply for external funding (e.g. at FWO) with full support of the advisors.
  • A stimulating and enthusiastic research environment with access to cleanrooms, optical and electrical labs at iGent of Tech Lane Ghent Science Park/Campus Ardoyen.
  • Employee benefits of Ghent University:

How to apply

E-mail your CV with indication of grades and two contacts for recommendation and a short personal motivation to: After a first screening, suitable candidates will be invited for online interview. The position remains open until a candidate is selected. Last year students are encouraged to apply.