The practical operation of ODIS

General information

The frequent changes in Belgian migration legislation for non-EU nationals have led to an exponential increase in the number of documents to be personally submitted. UGent has developed the Sharepoint application 'Onboarding Documents for International Staff', or ODIS for short. This application facilitates and simplifies data exchange.

ODIS is accessible to new international staff via the personal e-mail address and a specific secure link to the personal environment. On the personal webpage the international staff can find the following:

  • General information (tab ‘Welcome’)
  • the personal information known at UGent; (tab ‘information’)
  • consult the status of their file (tab ‘information’)
  • an overview of all requested documents; and the possibility to upload these documents; (tab ‘document requests’)
  • downloadable documents such as standard attestations and single permit communication provided by the Department of Personnel and Organization during the onboarding procedure; (tab ‘downloads’)

Each document includes a specific legend providing more information on the obligations related to the document as well as a website with additional information and instructions for the international employee. It is also indicated for certain documents whether a legalization and/or translation has been added.

Behind the scenes, UGent can review and approve or reject the documents provided when they do not meet legal or internal standards and closely monitor single permit procedural deadlines.

UGent asks international researchers who come to Ghent to avoid sending their personal documents by e-mail, but upload their information on the Sharepoint application ODIS.

Tips on document exchange

How to use ODIS?

  • Check this website if you would like to learn more about ODIS and what the requested documents might be
  • It is possible to upload multiple documents, in different formats. Which types of documents can be uploaded is also visible through the legend. 
  • The legend will appear on the right side if you click on the little icons in the document request tiles.
  • Click on the blue 'i' - icon to learn more about the requirements of the specific requested documents. We have accumulated most common questions and practical guidelines on these pages behind the blue 'i' - icon to help you to obtain certain documents. 

Tips and information to prepare your documents:

  • Some documents need to be legalized for the Belgian authorities. When this is required, the confirmation of legalization must be filled when uploading the documents.  
  • The Belgian authorities accept original documents with a translation in Dutch, English, German and French. Only if the document is required for the single permit application, you need to provide an official translation. Documents used for UGent need to be translated but do not require an official translation.
  • Check every document that is sent in on name consistency. The names mentioned must match your passport name.
  • The requested documents can be different according to your nationality, current living place, or the offered position/function at the University.
  • If requested: a medical certificate is a standard document must be used and filled in by a recognized doctor. This document can be downloaded at ODIS. The list of recognized doctors in the home country can be found on the website of the Belgian embassy.
  • If requested: a proof of good conduct must be delivered from the competent authority in the county where you lived the past year. It cannot be a written statement by yourself, or a document that is older than 6 months.

Provide your documents and information as fast as possible:

  • Documents and personal information must be uploaded before the starting date to ensure a timely handling of your administrative file at the University.
  • If a final submission date is mentioned at the 'information tab' in ODIS, this date must be maintained for the mandatory single permit application. The documents that need to be provided before this date are indicated with an exclamation mark (!).
  • All personal information and documents must be uploaded before your employment starts (unless stipulated explicitly otherwise). The start date of the employment or research stay will be postponed in case substantial documents are missing; or the Single Permit (if required) is not approved by the Belgian authorities.

Procedure after uploading documents:

  • If a document is not uploaded in accordance with the requirements, it will be rejected and returned to you. You can then upload a new document with the requested information.
  • You can consult the documents you uploaded through the paper clip at 'completed document requests'. 
  • When the required documents are provided and the preparation is complete, we will start the application process. You will be notified of this action by a new e-mail. 
  • During the application process for single permit, we will inform you about the progress with the Belgian authorities when a step is completed. Depending on the procedural time this can take a while before we can notify you on a new action. Please be patient and do not contact us daily/weekly for an update question.

In case of questions can be contacted. Mention the personal file ID number to link your questions to your file.